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simpleLinux Information

simpleLinux, a Malaysian linux distribution, based from Slackware (and Slax). simpleLinux is a linux distributions that has been founded by Fariz Luqman and Syukri Roslee. The development held on Ampang, Malaysia. The simpleLinux has been intended to be easy to use in a very simple form. simpleLinux is based from Linux kernel with Linux Live created by Slax. simpleLinux supports x86 or i386, x86_64, IA32 or IA64 and other processor architectures. Usage of RAM and hard disk space for the extended version is very light as the distro uses small amount of hardware and software resources. However, the DVD extended is still cool in many form of it's simplicity. simpleLinux foundations has all their developer, hopes that one day Malaysian Open Source Software would become more successful.
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