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Want us to mirror your project?

Use this forum to submit requests to mirror an open source project, be it your own project, or just a project you would like to see hosted here

Want us to mirror your project?

Postby mattewan » Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:12 pm

Mirror your project
We are searching through the internet to find new projects to mirror everyday. However, if you need hosting for a project, please create a new topic in this forum with information about the project, mirrors for us to use, and any other specific instructions for mirroring your files.

Information we need
Project Name: Name of your project
Project Category: Category that best describes your project. Linux Distro, Application, Game, etc
Master Mirror Server: The mirror server we download the files for, preferably rsync, but ftp servers will be accepted.
Project Links: URL's of your homepage, download page & forums
Project Logo: If you have a logo, attach it to the topic

Important Notice
We can not mirror any project which breaches copyright infringement. Please don't submit any projects that do for inclusion into our index.
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